I love books. Obviously. More specifically I like books that are quirky, unique, and maybe a bit experimental. Something with a great story. I like books that are funny. I love books that are sad and funny. I’m not really sold on books that are just sad. As for genre, I’ll read almost any (no romance or chick lit though) but I particularly like speculative fiction and, I guess, books with a literary feel.

I normally steer clear of short stories, 19th century literature isn’t my favourite (sorry to fans of Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Wuthering Heights), and I don’t love it when the only point of the book is how poetic the writing is.

I write about whatever books I feel like reading. I’m trying to read more recent fiction, so that’ll be the focus for now. I don’t read much nonfiction but I’ve had a sudden desire to read more so hopefully I’ll get to writing about that too.

Thanks for stopping by!